About Sea Of Sound

The Sea of Sound Festival was the name given to the 3rd instalment of the
Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society’s (BEAMS) Edmonton Intermedia Arts
Festival (EIAF) in 2005. http://www.beams.ca/SeaofSound.htm. This was
co-produced by the Edmonton Works Festival and the Boreal Electroacoustic
Music Society (BEAMS). Events and exhibits were curated by Shawn
Pinchbeck for The Works Festival.

The previous 2 versions of the Edmonton Intermedia Arts Festival happened
in 1996 (EIAF – The Body, curated by Jay Lind) and 1998 (EIAF2 – The
Interface, curated by Shawn Pinchbeck) and both featured concerts,
exhibits and workshops of electroacoustic music and interactive art by
artists from across Canada.

Previous festivals of electroacoustic music in Edmonton produced by BEAMS
were a festival of radio art concerts, installations and events called
Radio Unbound (1995, curated by Mike Ewanus), and a weekend of
electroacoustic concerts called Action/Reaction (1997, curated by Shawn


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