Sea Of Sound Festival, 2011!

Please join us for a series of concerts featuring new sounds and experiences created with technology, presented in an 8-channel surround sound environment. Featuring music by local Albertan artists, as well as the winning electroacoustic works of the National Jeu de temps / Times Play 2011 (JTTP 2011) Competition for young and emerging Canadian artists.  These events will feature a collection of sound art works and performances featuring music, dance, video, theatre, installation, and acousmatic surround sound works, as well as a special seminar with Kevin Austin of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community.

We hope to see you there!

University of Alberta Music Department, BEAMS, Tonus Vivus, and the CEC present:

The Sea of Sound Festival, 2011.
Catalyst Theatre / New City Legion
Edmonton, Alberta
November 18-20

In celebration of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community’s 25 anniversary.

Featuring work by local artists:

Wayne Defehr . Raylene Campbell . Clinker . Scott Smallwood . Ken Gregory
Shawn Pinchbeck & Gerry Morita . Jeannie Vandekerkhove, Jodie Vandekerkhove
& Adam Tindale . Trio Latitude . MUGBAIT . Wijit . Allison Balcetis
The Dada Police . Gene Kosowan . Jacek Sobieraj . Agaperaygunexperiment . Will Scott
Zachary Polis . Philip Dickau & Ryan Sowiak . D. Andrew Stewart

And featuring the winning works of the Jeu de Temps / Times Play Competition:

Maxime Corbeil-Perron . Marc-André Perron . David Arango Valencia
Jullian Hoff . Guillaume Barrette . Guillaume Campion

with special guest Kevin Austin of the CEC.



One thought on “Sea Of Sound Festival, 2011!

  1. Phil Jagger, Miguel Ferrer, Trevor De Page and Shannon Land are the current lineup for this group. An evolution of pure sound into music, AgapeRaygunExperiment plays on the fly at each venue and at each festival.

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